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Skin Surgery

If you are interested in having benign skin growths such as moles or skin tags removed, talk to Dr. Farnsworth about a skin surgery procedure. Surgical excisions are typically performed under local anesthesia to remove the growth permanently. Drs. Farnsworth and Wiltz can remove most types of skin lesions, benign moles, precancerous moles, skin tags, and other types of skin growths that may be affecting your appearance.

tag removal surgery

Our Skin Surgery Procedures

We may recommend an excision to get rid of a lesion, benign moles, and other skin growths. He will review your medical background to ensure you are a good candidate for skin surgery, and put together a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals. You will learn how the procedure works, what to expect during the recovery process, and be provided with information about skincare products or other treatments that will help you get the best possible result.

Surgical Mole Removal

Some people consider a mole to be a beauty spot, and some moles are simply more attractive than others. However, many people are self-conscious about larger moles in very visible places on the face or body, and may decide to have them removed. Occasionally, a mole can be precancerous and needs to be removed for health reasons. Dr. Farnsworth offers skin surgery procedures to remove moles on any part of the body or face. Surgical mole removal is performed under local anesthesia and typically involves using a small scalpel to shave away the mole to create a flat and even surface. Any surgical wounds are closed up with sutures, and the skin heals up relatively quickly within a couple of weeks.

If you have small or medium-sized moles that you want to have removed, talk to us about your concerns and skin surgery procedures available at our practice.

removal of mole or skin cancer

Surgical Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags can also appear on any part of the face and body, and make an individual feel self-conscious about their appearance. If you want to have skin tags removed, talk to Drs. Farnsworth or Wiltz about skin surgery procedures like an excision that can remove the skin tag at its base. Just like surgical mole removal, the skin tag removal procedure is performed under local anesthesia and to ensure minimal patient discomfort.

Our skin surgery procedures can get rid of unwanted moles and unsightly skin tags in a single visit. Drs. Farnsworth and Wiltz use modern protocols and techniques to ensure minimal patient discomfort during and after the procedure. You will be given post-op instructions to ensure optimal healing and a fast recovery. We may also recommend skincare products and complementary treatment options to help you achieve and maintain beautiful skin for the long-term. We can discuss all your skin surgery procedure options during your consultation.

If you are looking for a dermatologist that offers surgical mole removal, skin tag removal, and other skin surgery procedures, set up a consultation with Farnsworth Dermatology today!

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